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Dr. Rahul Barmanray (MBBS/BMedSci (Hons, National Scholarship Recipient), BPT3), is currently working as a Medical Registrar at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, having recently passed his Royal Australasian College of Physicians Exams, and accepted as the Advanced Endocrinology Trainee, Royal Melbourne Hospital for 2017. He joins in 2016 as the Head of Medical Programs, with focus on Paediatrics, Maternal Health and Medical Education.

Mr Archit Chanana (BComm, MIBus) joined ASHA in 2016 as the treasurer and is now the Head of Finance. He has worked extensively in several philanthropic projects in Africa, India and Australia. He is now focussing on making ASHA's projects more financially sustainable through innovative methods.

Ms. Krisha Changrani (2nd Year, BBMedSci, University of Melbourne) is a current university student, Head of Education Programs and Co-President of ASHA Lectures. Under her guidance, she has seen ASHA Lectures grow to over 30 schools, with several hundred enrolled students. She is also actively involved with fundraising activities, having co-ordinated the 2016 Mother's Day Dinner.




Dr. Stacey Davie (MBBS/BMedSci, DRANCZCOG) is currently working as a Year 2 Trainee at Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Queensland, with the Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for 2018. She joined ASHA in 2013 as part of the Bhopal trip, and is the current Head of Maternal Health.

Ms. Anagha Joshi (B.Optom) is a practicing Optometrist with the Australasian College of Optometry and is the current Head of Eyecare Programs. She has been involved with ASHA since its inception since 2013, and under her guidance she has seen the development of the ASHA Eyecare Program in partnership with Sewa-Sadan Hospital Bhopal. She has sent two teams as part of this program, and has provided professional development for several optometrists as well as provided a screening program to a school network of over 3000 children.

Ms. Kirthika Kannan (BA/BComm) is near completion of a Certified Practicing Accountant qualification and currently works at the Australian Taxation Office. She has been extensively involved with Chinmaya Mission, where she has gained experience in youth projects, teaching and community engagement. Kirthika has joined ASHA Charity in 2016 as the Head of Operations/General Secretary




Dr. Naman Kohli (MBBS/BMedSci, PGDipSurgAnat) is a General Surgical Trainee at Monash Health and has been involved with ASHA since 2014. He has thorough experience in social media, technology and web design and is the current National Head of Public Relations for ASHA Charity. Furthermore, he is a regular contributor to the ASHA Medical projects, in particular those pertaining to surgical fields of intervention.

Ms. Neenu Louis (B.Eng, Major Finance and Chemical Engineering) is the current Treasurer of ASHA Charity. She has been involved with ASHA since its inception, and brings a breadth of experience through her previous tenure as the Head of Operations/General Secretary and coordinator of several fundraising campaigns.

Mr Arun Sharma (2nd Year, BBMedSci) is a current University student and is the current Head of Universities and Schools. He joined in 2015, and is also the Co-President of the ASHA Lectures series, aiming at providing Year 11 and 12 lectures to disadvantaged schools, with all revenues raised going towards ASHA’s Education and Medical Projects.




Dr. Tarun Sharma (MBBS) is currently working at Ipswich Hospital, and is the current President (Operations). He has been involved with ASHA since its inception in 2013 as its Co-founder. His focus is on community engagement, setting up infrastructure for the sustainability of ASHA, and establishing state based committees in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He have been on three volunteer trips so far.

Dr. Varun Sharma (MBBS/BMedSci, PGDipSurgAnat) is a SET 2 Vascular Surgery Trainee for 2018 with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He has been involved with ASHA since its inception in 2013 and is the current President (Medical). His focus is on the expanding medical projects of ASHA Charity, in particular in the 5 ASHA domains, and creating sustainable ventures to support the philanthropic Projects.