ASHA’s 2017 Sri Lanka project will target underprivileged schools and communities in Sri Lanka, with an aim of providing sustainable solutions in disadvantaged areas of education and health. Volunteers will be involved in implementing school and community programs that have been carefully pre-planned by ASHA. These programs will involve volunteers participating in social activities among the children of the schools and communities, with an emphasis on providing lessons in the areas of English, basic hygiene and health.

In hopes to provide a higher educational and school experience for the children, ASHA will be donating books, educational games, musical instruments, and sporting equipment. Not only will we be expanding the content of the libraries, but we also hope to refurbish the existing libraries and classrooms, to make for a more safe and appropriate school setting. ASHA food donations and educational supplies may also be extended to an orphanage in the local area to alleviate any food or educational struggles the orphanage may be facing. Volunteers will also have the chance to visit the orphanage and participate in social activities with the children there too.

A detailed outline of the trip may be requested at presidentbrisbane@ashacharity.org


The provisional dates for this upcoming trip are 20th November to 2nd December 2017.

Volunteering locations

Placement site A: Meewellawa Vidyalaya, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Predominantly a Sinhala speaking primary school.

Situated approximately 21km from central city of Anuradhapura


Placement site B: Dimbulagala Muthulaga Junior Tamil School, Pollonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Predominantly a Tamil speaking school.

Situated approximately 21km from central city of Polonnaruwa

Placement site C: An orphanage in the visiting area (TBC)


*Whilst ASHA works extensively to ensure the safety of its volunteers, volunteers are advised individually to assess the risk of volunteering in the nominated sites. ASHA is affiliated with local organisations however all volunteering and accommodation sites are independently linked to the volunteer. ASHA facilitates the volunteering opportunity and works to provide a volunteer group to run its philanthropic projects. Volunteers are advised to seek appropriate medical advice prior to volunteering with ASHA and to seek further volunteering information on: https://smartraveller.gov.au/.


(WiFi: 4/5, Phone 4/5, Transport 5/5)

Bhopal is the capital of the northern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Known as the city of lakes, Bhopal is comparatively a quieter, smaller and cleaner city of India ideal for new volunteers or volunteers seeking a more comfortable volunteering experience. ASHA Medical Charity ties with a local government NGO to run diverse and thoroughly researched projects in the slum communities of Bhopal. Located conveniently, just a one hour flight from Mumbai our Bhopal site is a very popular site. Spoken language: Hindi

Volunteering opportunities:

Medical projects, Eye care projects, Paediatric health projects and Education (school) projects.

Accommodation / Food / Safety: (Rating 5/5)

This volunteer site is linked with a local hotel where volunteers have resided in previous years. Hotel staff are aware of the ASHA volunteers and are fluent in English providing great assistance to volunteers. There are plenty of clean and tasty food options and the local mall also offers western food options if desired. Transport is through local Uber/Ola taxi options.



(Phone 2/5, Transport 2/5, Electricity 2/5)

Bhuldhana is a rural town in the state of Maharastra located approximately 500km from Mumbai. Being a rural site getting to Buldhana involves an adventurous 10hour car ride or 6hour train commute. Whilst challenging to commute to, Buldhana is a very well supported volunteering site. It works alongside a local NGO and offers a very rewarding, enjoyable and fulfilling volunteering opportunity. Buldhana is comparatively a rural but busy town in North India and ideal for volunteers seeking to have a rewarding volunteer experience and fun social evenings with peers in the evenings. Spoken language: Marathi + Hindi

Volunteering opportunities:

ASHA works closely with the local slum schools, 7-8 rural school communities. ASHA has current women's health projects and paediatric/growth projects in the region. ASHA also sponsors individual children in this area and has environmental projects for volunteers to be involved in. This site has a key focus on rural community health education and screening.

Accommodation / Food / Safety: (Rating 3/5)

This volunteer site provides a two bedroom + lounge + kitchen + 2 Toilets + 1 Shower facility in an apartment/house. The accommodation is set up for separate male and female sleeping quarters and a living room for volunteers to spend time working on projects/socialising. A vehicle + driver will be provided for commutes to daily projects and volunteers will be accompanied by local doctors and social workers with adequate English skills. Reasonable and clean food is available from a local restaurant who are well acquainted with ASHA or a chef can be employed for the duration of volunteering stay.

Wi-Fi - YES (average), Phone - YES (good), Transport - YES (good)

Estimated 3week volunteering expense:
$1500 (includes a donation to local projects)




(Wi-Fi 3/5, Phone 4/5, Transport 5/5, Electricity 5/5 )

Siem Reap is located in north west Cambodia and projects here will focus on several villages in this region. It is the gateway to the Angkor Wat region. ASHA Medical Charity ties with Growing Cambodia, Chansour Health Centre and Kindred House.

Volunteering opportunities:

Maternal and Paediatric Health, Setting up basic infrastructure for basic clinics.

Accommodation / Food / Safety: 

Volunteers with Kindred House and Growing Cambodia have regularly visitied these sites, and ASHA is excited to add a medical dimension to these projects. There will be translators to assist in the provision of modules. There are plenty of clean and tasty food options and the local mall also offers western food options if desired. Transport is through local Uber/Ola taxi options.

Estimated 3week volunteering expense:



(Wi-Fi 1/5, Phone 2/5, Transport 2/5, Electricity 2/5)

Kadapakkam is a rural town in the state of Tamil Naddu located approximately 150km south of Chennai. Kadapakkam is a short car ride from Chennai however is a predominantly farming and fishing village and amongst the least developed towns for volunteering ASHA has to offer. ASHA works alongside a local NGO and offers a very rural and rewarding volunteering opportunity closely knit with the local orphanage. Kadapakkam is comparatively a rural and underdeveloped volunteer setting and ideal for volunteers seeking a challenge and rewarding time. Spoken language: Tamil

Volunteering opportunities:

ASHA works closely with the local orphanage, medical centre and has outreach medical programs in the local villages. Furthermore ASHA has a current environmental Biogas project in the area and runs extensive health education programs in the region. This site has a key focus on children and rural community health education and screening.

Accommodation / Food / Safety: (Rating 2/5)

This volunteer site provides a basic 4 bedroom dormitory setting with 2 Toilets and showers. Accommodation is built within the orphanage and basic rice and curry is served three times a day. A nearby restaurant is available at a small commute and offers clean and reasonably priced vegetarian food. Transportation is predominantly through hired three-wheelers, volunteers are well supported by local staff employed by the NGO who are fluent in English.

Estimated 3week volunteering expense:
$1000 (includes a donation to local projects)



(Wi-Fi 3/5, Phone 5/5, Transport 2/5, Electricity 5/5)

Polonnaruwa is a rural town located in West Sri Lanka approximately a 5hour drive from Colombo. The Polonnaruwa site is unique ASHA project as it isn’t linked with any NGO’s in the area and is and independent effort of ASHA. However volunteers will work closely with two local girls orphanage and conduct outreach medical screening and education programs in the area.
Spoken language: Sinhala

Volunteering opportunities:

ASHA works independently in this region to provide health education and screening. It also ties in with two local girls orphanage attempting to provide improved education and residential facilities.

Accommodation / Food / Safety: (Rating 2/5)

ASHA accommodates its volunteers in a local hotel which provides a neat and comfortable cottage style residence. Food is available at the local hotel but is pricey, we suggest ordering from the restaurant in town, transportation is predominantly through hired three-wheelers.

Estimated 3week volunteering expense: