Bhopal Eye Care Project

ASHA Eye Care has been running eye health programs in India since 2015.

The team has predominantly been working in Bhopal, India for this time and plans to expand to Siliguri, West Bengal this year. The education program aims to up-skill optometrists at a NGO-based eye hospital in Bhopal, in response to varied skill levels of optometrists.

The education program was designed in conjunction with Deakin University from Australia with the aim of improving confidence and skill levels of optometrists in order to improve patient care, outreach to community and reduce the bottleneck effect to ophthalmology.

10-15 optometrist volunteers have travelled to Bhopal annually. We have trained 40 hospital and vision centre optometrists in areas of refraction, history, screening and binocular vision techniques.

Our latest visit was a ‘Train the Trainer’ program to empower and engage local optometrists to take the lead on ongoing training and improvements at the hospital. 

Projects Underway: 

We are currently organising volunteer optometrists to participate in workshops for the Vision 2020 Annual Conference in Siliguri, West Bengal in June (which may be postponed due to COVID-19).

Secondly, we are planning a second trip for December 2020 to Bhopal to continue our up-skill project there (again, subject to the situation with COVID-19).

We are still looking for volunteers for this trip!

It would be a week long commitment, and we are looking to recruit up to 4-5 volunteers. 

Future Aspirations:

Expand the ASHA Eye Care program to other parts of South-Asia.

Develop online teaching and virtual ‘check-ins’ to ensure ongoing teaching and support.